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Happy Birthday to Me

I’m 28 today and my husband gave me flowers and made a cookie cake. Isn’t he sweet? His birthday is on Tuesday, so I’ll get him back.

I’ve noticed a lot more Canadian geese than I have in years past. Some days thousands of them will stretch across the sky. Another thing I noticed this year is that they are flying in all different directions, not just south. I actually saw one V fly directly into another V, apparently at the same altitude because the birds all scrambled like they were in combat. It finally occurred to me today that maybe we are The South. Geese don’t care about the Mason-Dixon line, and being “Canadian” I guess they think Delaware is relatively warm. The geese have been encamped at Battery Park, and when Riley and I get close they slooooowly move out into the river (just in case I drop the leash). They do this nervous quacking thing, as if to tell one another, “Dog… dog… dog…” like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.