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Here is the kitchen the way it was yesterday. Notice the white sink that stains easily and the brass cabinet knobs (ick). To me, knobs are the jewelry of the cabinetry. Corny, I know, but I value cool jewelry. And birds. So my friend Debora found a few cast iron bird knobs on eBay and I am planning to scatter them around and get oil-rubbed bronze knobs for the rest. The granite was installed today (woo hoo!) so I wanted to post a pic even though I don’t have the knobs switched out yet. We had a granite island in our kitchen in Delaware, and once you go granite it’s hard to go back to Formica. The silicone has to set for 24 hours before we can hook up the faucet, so it’s a good my parents invited us over for dinner.

By the way, I want to say a public “Congratulations” to my mother on her retirement. She has been the science department lab lady (read: mother hen) at the local high school and is looking forward to having more time to spend in her sewing room and with my nephew.