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Something new

When I’m forced to sit and be quiet, like on a train or in a waiting room, I tend to get ideas for jewelry. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can never really leave work at work, but the bottom line is that I love what I do because there’s so much there within the jewelry category. Yesterday I was sitting in a lecture, about a cup of coffee short of my RDA, and I had trouble focusing on the topic at hand. I started doodling in my notebook and came up with these earrings.

A lot of artists start with sketches, but that usually doesn’t work for me. If I get an idea when I’m out and about I try to jot it down, but I rarely sit down to create something and start with a drawing. I just want to get it done, so I pick up my tools and go to work and the design evolves as I go. These earrings were a rare instance where I had a sketch, and actually made something that looked like the drawing.