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To Josh and Molly

Happy Birthday, both of you! Recently in a meeting of 20-25 people we were instructed to find the person in the group who has the next consecutive birthday. It didn’t take as long as I expected to figure out our group timeline, and we even had two people whose birthdays are both today. What are the odds? Well actually, pretty good. Check this out.These are bezel-set stained glass cufflinks that Josh designed (and hopefully forgot), I created, and his wife Jill gave him for his birthday. You can read more on YOJ.Miss Molly came over for fondue last night and actually gave me a present for her birthday, an iron nest candleholder with a bird perched on the side (yes, so me). We did oil, cheese, and chocolate fondue, and at one point Johnny brought up the formula for a WP dinner party. (I think that blog is hilarious.)