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Twining Vines

Mary and I spent 6 hours in Manhattan yesterday, mostly in classes. We sprang for Amtrak tickets, which was a lot nicer than getting up extra early to drive to Trenton for NJ Transit. I saw Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Tribeca & Soho for the first time as we whizzed through in a cab. I could picture myself living in a tiny apartment, frequenting the Saturday farmer’s and flea markets, sipping a latte from a local cafe and wearing corduroys and a hand-knit scarf.

Here is my bracelet from the Twining Vines class. The beads are faceted smoky quartz; a bit fancy for this use but a nice contrast to the sterling silver. This was my first time using Black Max instead of liver of sulfur to darken the silver and it is so much faster and more consistent. I did end up polishing off most of the oxidation, so I’ll have to watch that next time.

The second class was Fantastic Fibulas, but I didn’t finish one to show you. It’s basically a large safety pin made from heavy wire and embellished with beads. Great for a lapel or scarf, so I’ll have to get a move on!

I did scan a bunch of new jewelry and posted on the Sneak Peek page. Check it out!